October 3, 2018

Chicago Gaelic Park Wedding Photographer | Lauren + Monica

LGBT weddings are always celebrations that are near and dear to my heart. You see, my grandmother, Rose, was in a loving and committed relation with her partner Phyllis for 40+ years! At the time of their union, same sex marriages did not exist and were against the law. Sadly my grandmother has since passed away and was never able to legally be joined with her partner. Almost 15 years has passed and the climate of our country and the world has changed. For the better!! We can choose to love whom ever we please and stand before our friends, our family, and god and say we want to be with this person for the rest of our lives.

Lauren and Monica got to do just that a few weeks ago at the Chicago Gaelic Park in Oak Forest, IL. The day was absolutely perfect and these two women were just simply stunning! Their families were very much involved in the planning and celebration of these two amazing ladies. The toast given by the bride’s brother and maid of honor touched each and every one of us who attended this wedding. There were many tears, hugs and excitement for the lives of this newly married couple. I wish them all the love and happiness and hope their lives are forever joined <3

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