October 25, 2018

Milton Lee Olive Park Engagement Photographer | Irene + Eric

I was so honored that Eric & Irene asked me to photograph their upcoming Spring wedding. Eric and I were classmates back in the day and so he has followed my work for the last few years and suggested me to his fiancee when they got engaged. I first met Irene a few weeks ago when we met up to talk about hers and Eric’s wedding and what they were looking for when it came to their wedding photography. Well we ended up talking for 2 hours! It was my longest meeting yet but we had such a great time that night that none of us even realized how much time had passed.

Irene & Eric’s engagement session was held last night in our beautiful downtown area. Our first stop was at the Cancer Survivor’s Garden near Millennium park. I shot a wedding prior to this engagement session so I was no stranger to this enchanting area. The light was fantastic and gave Irene and Eric that amazing glow that can only be done right as the sun is setting. Irene and Eric brought along their beautiful dog, Loki! He is mommy & daddy’s only fur baby and they wanted to include him in their session and rightfully so. He was the perfect addition to their engagement session!

After the garden we grabbed an Uber to ride over to one of my favorite spots in all of Chicago, Milton Lee Olive Park. I can’t count how many times I have shot at this beautiful spot but it never disappoints. The autumn color’s was bursting from each tree and the setting was just perfect for this romantic session. As our night was ending we made it over by the Historic Chicago Theater and got a few last minute shots in.

Irene and Eric are just so warm and kind and I know that their wedding is going to be just simply amazing and I am so thrilled to be a part of their big day!

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