November 2, 2018

Scrementi’s Restaurant, Banquets & Catering Wedding Photographer | Dania + Jeff

If you know anything about Dayna & Jeff know this, they are just the happiest and giggliest couple I have ever had the pleasure of photographing! Their laughter, smiles and tears of joy just lit up every room they entered! Their wedding ceremony was at the beautiful Amersale Barn in Crete, IL The mother of the bride is friend’s with the owner who happily lent out the grounds for Dayna & Jeff’s wedding celebration! We all worried about the weather that day as the forecast was calling for a chance of showers. White tents were erected for the ceremony at the last minute just incase but thankfully the rain held out just long enough for us to grab the bridal portraits and for the most emotional and heartfelt ceremony to take place.

Dayna was just so full of emotions on his wedding day. He laughed and cried at every moment of the day. He was finally marrying the girl of his dreams, his best friend and was not afraid to show how excited he was to spend the rest of his days with his best gal, Dayna. Dayna was stunning in her wedding dress. As she approached her husband to be, tears streamed down her face in anticipation of Jeff seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress.

Dania & Jeff’s reception was held at Scrementi’s | Restaurant, Banquets & Catering and let me tell you, if you all thought the wedding was emotional, this wedding reception took the cake! Everyone was all smiles and tears of jot throughout the entire night. So much excitement for these two beautiful people who had FINALLY took the plunge and got married!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog on Dayna & Jeff and I hope you feel every tender moment as I had on this very special day. Congratulations to the now Mr & Mrs!