I grew up knowing that I wanted to be a photographer. I just didn't know what kind. I got into photography at a very young age. My mother purchased my first Film camera at a local Walgreens when I was 8 years old and from that day forward I was hooked! I took pictures of everyone and everything. Going up to Eureka Wisconsin every summer was always the highlight of my year. I got to explore and photograph the local townspeople and of course the many beautiful farms that surrounded the area. Well I never stopped taking photos, now I just do it professionally.  I've completely dedicated myself into my business & have been given so much joy & happiness from all of my clients. I'm a city girl with a country heart that loves shooting classic, couples in love wedding photography. 

To tell you a bit about myself - I'm a mom of 4 who doesn't sleep enough, a wife who hasn't had a date with her husband in months, a best friend to a girl who I've known since 5th grade, a blogger, a die hard Chip & Joann fan, I LOVE to travel and explore our beautiful country, I am a huge B&W movie junkie and enjoy the classic television shows, I also could eat Flamin Hot Cheetos every day of my life. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It's an addition really. 

I love my work. I could call it my job but that doesn't have a good tone to it. A job is what I had 6 years ago. I started in the sign industry at 18 and at the time I thought I had my dream job. It was stable work, descent pay and I was growing within the company but I was never truly fulfilled. After having my 4th child my husband and I decided I should quit my job and pursue my dream & I never looked back. 

I believe there are 3 things you should look for in your wedding photographer. You should pick someone who you LIKE and feel COMFORTABLE with because the day of your wedding, you'll be spending more time with your photographer than your spouse! Choose someone who LOVES weddings. A wedding photographer isn't there just to shoot your wedding but to be an extra bridesmaid, be an expert on pinning boutonnieres! Your wedding day will zoom by and you will blink & it's gone and your wedding photos are all you have left. Being a wedding photographer is so much more than hitting a button on a camera. It's love for your clients and being as excited as they are on their wedding day.

Think we may be perfect for each other? I'd love to chat! Head on over to my CONTACT page and send me a message. I can't wait to hear from you! 

I'm Winterlyn