Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes your work different from other photographers work?

A: I take all of my photos in intimate, relaxed settings and try to use natural lighting as often as possible. Our sessions are candid & fun with a mix of beautifully posed portraits.

Q: Are you LGTBQ Friendly?

A: Absofreakinlutely!!!!!
Love is Love and the world needs more of it.

Q: All of your wedding packages come with engagement Sessions. My Uncle Bob already took our engagement photos. Can you deduct that from the price of the wedding?

A: My engagement sessions have no added monetary value so if you decide to book me as your wedding photographer and choose not to do the engagement session, the package price would remain the same. However, I just want to explain a little about why I include an engagement session in all of my wedding packages and why they are actually more important than you may think!

An engagment session is more than some photos for your Save The Dates. An engagement session helps us get to know one another. Maybe there is a side of your face you prefer. Or your ears are unusually ticklish and I should avoid directing your partner to whisper into them at all costs. Perhaps you don’t like to be hugged a certain way. Your engagement session is more about getting you two comfortable in front of my camera than it is about making sure that you have a full gallery of portraits. It’s a vital part of the wedding experience as a whole because during your engagement session I’m going to teach you about my core poses and the foundational elements that make my clients look so natural and genuine in all of their portraits! I want you to feel like a trusted friend is showing up on your wedding day, not just the photographer that you hired. I cherish my time during the engagement sessions because that’s when I truly get to interact with my couple(s) and form a real friendship with them!!

Q: Do I really need a Second Shooter?

A: It really depends on your circumstances.
I’m very thorough but I can’t be in two places at once. So, if you’re getting ready at two separate locations, or having your ceremony and reception at two separate locations, then a Second Shooter is something you should strongly consider.

If everything is at one location then I can generally handle it on my own. However, keep in mind that a Second Shooter will help capture small details that I may not be able to.

Q: Will we get the print release to our photos after our wedding?

A: Yes! Upon receiving your images, you will also get a full print release. Your images belong to you and I want you to have the freedom to print, share and enjoy your photographs however you like.