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Getting engaged is a whirlwind of excitement, planning, and a whole new dictionary of terms and traditions to learn about. Among those, the concept of the “First Look” is something that captures the hearts of many. Traditionally, it describes the emotionally charged moment when the groom sees his bride in her wedding dress for the […]


Family formals at a wedding are like capturing a moment in time, a snapshot of all your loved ones dressed up, happy, and together—perhaps for the first time in years or even decades. These photos are a blend of tradition and celebration, holding a special place in wedding albums and on living room walls. Let’s […]


Sometimes, the most mundane tasks can hide the most crucial of priorities, especially when it involves safeguarding something as priceless as your wedding photos. As a Chicago wedding photographer, I’ve learned a thing or two about the backstage of this business, from capturing those joyous moments to making sure they’re preserved for decades to come. […]

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