Venuti’s Wedding: Alyssa and Brad’s Dreamy Wedding Day


Love stories have a habit of unfolding in the most magical and unexpected ways. For Alyssa and Brad, their wedding day was a testament to this fact. On a rainy and cloudy day in Chicago, their journey as husband and wife began, filled with romance and joy.

The Rainy and Cloudy Blessing:

Alyssa and Brad’s special day started with raindrops gently cascading from the heavens, bringing forth an air of purity and serenity. The inclement weather brought a cozy and intimate mood, perfect for forging a deep connection between these two souls. They embraced the rain as a symbol of renewal, knowing that just as the raindrops cleanse and nourish the Earth, their love would flourish and grow.

The St. Michaels Church Ceremony:

Located in the heart of Chicago, St. Michaels’s church provided a stunning backdrop for Alyssa and Brad’s nuptials. A Neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece, this historic church added an ethereal touch to the already magical atmosphere. The weather may have been overcast, but the ambiance inside the church was pure radiance. The soft lighting created an intimate and cozy atmosphere for the couple’s union. Alyssa, adorned in an elegant lace ball gown, walked down the aisle, arm in arm with her proud uncle and grandfather, as Brad awaited her with anticipation. The seamless blend of love, faith, and natural elements made their ceremony truly ethereal and unforgettable.

The Dominican University Portraits:

Alyssa and Brad chose the Dominican University in River Forest, IL, for their wedding portraits. The lush surroundings and architectural wonders of the university perfectly complemented their romantic vision. They laughed, whispered sweet nothings, and shared stolen kisses as we captured each fleeting moment. The cloudy skies acted as a natural diffuser, casting a soft, flattering light over the couple, resulting in dreamlike images that will forever memorialize their love story.

An Italian-Style Reception at Venuti’s:

As the evening drew near, Alyssa and Brad’s guests made their way to Venuti’s in Addison, IL, for an unforgettable Italian-inspired reception. The grandeur of the venue matched the magnificence of the day, with opulent chandeliers casting a warm glow upon the delighted faces of family and friends. Guests indulged in a delectable feast, savoring traditional Italian dishes. The room was filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and heartfelt toasts – a true celebration of love, unity, and cultural fusion.

Alyssa and Brad’s wedding was a testament to the beauty of embracing the unexpected. Their romantic, rainy, and cloudy celebration surpassed all expectations, creating a day that will forever remain etched in their hearts. From the sacred walls of St. Michaels church to the Dominican University portraits and the joyous reception at Venuti’s, every element came together to paint a picture of love, resilience, and enchantment. May their journey as husband and wife be forever blessed by the rain that showered them on their wedding day, reminding them to cherish the magic of the unexpected.

Alyssa & Brad’s Engagement Session

The biggest cheers to these incredible vendors who made it come together so flawlessly:

Dress: Allure

Ceremony: St. Michael Church in Old Town

Reception: Venuti’s Italian Restaurant & Banquet Hall

Florist: Belmonte Florist

DJ: Love Ent by Milk Majer

Photography: Winterlyn Photography

Videography: Joe Anthony Films

Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Mens Warehouse

Hair / Makeup: Aga Rhodes/ Hair: Valerie Burquin

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Wedding Invitations: The Knot

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