Isabel & Peter   If you didn’t already know, I am here to tell you that I LOVE Elopements! They are so carefree and romantic, and I just love everything about being an Illinois Elopement Wedding Photographer. When Isabel contacted me via Instagram back in April and asked me if I was open to photographing […]

Isabel & Peter | Illinois Elopement Wedding Photographers


Isabel & Peter


If you didn’t already know, I am here to tell you that I LOVE Elopements! They are so carefree and romantic, and I just love everything about being an Illinois Elopement Wedding Photographer. When Isabel contacted me via Instagram back in April and asked me if I was open to photographing her and Peters elopement this coming May, I was so excited to say YES! The State was opening up a bit and allowing couples to get married with a guest size of 10 or less. We were all good to move forward with this special celebration.

Isabel and Peter found the cutest BNB out in Round Lake Park, IL that was perfect for getting ready photos as well as doing their ‘First Look’ and portraits right on the property that they had rented. Did I mention that the property was right on the water? It was, and it was a gorgeous spot for their wedding ceremony. Isabel and Peter didn’t intend to get married here in Illinois, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their Washington wedding celebration would have to be postponed. Like so many couples around the world, they decided to still get married in a more intimate and safe setting.

The wedding day came and the weather could not have been more pleasant. When I arrived at the BNB right away I was greeted by Peter. I always feel the instinct to go up and hug my clients when I see them but in this case, we stood 6ft apart and said our hellos and commented on how nice the day was and how excited everyone was to be able to join Peter and Isabel on their big day. Walking into the house I could feel the excitement from friends who had come out of quarantine to help set up the wedding decor and celebrate with the bride and groom. Matt, a good friend of the Bride & Groom, was the Officiant while Freddy was the go-to guy. Peter’s brother, Wyatt, was to be the Best Man, and Isabel’s great friend, Riley, was to be her Maid of honor but due to travel restrictions, they wished them well from afar.

So this is usually the part of my blog post where I talk about how beautiful everything turned out. How the ‘First Look’ was emotional and special etc. It was, and the day couldn’t have been more special, but instead of me talking about Peter and Isabel I wanted to include something special that the couple had written specifically for their wedding website (that was created for their original wedding that was to be held in Washington). I hope you all enjoy getting to know this sweet and amazing couple as I have, and also help me along with their family and friends to congratulate them on this new season in their lives.



Illinois Elopement Wedding Photographers

“We met on Bainbridge Island in Washington State, nearly ten years ago in November 2010. We were
both 16 at the time and in our Sophomore years of high school. Although there were a mutual attraction
and feeling of enchantment between us, we didn’t date right away. We just sort-of hung out just-the-
two-of-us periodically through high school. Then, come college, we went to different schools in different
states – I to California and she to northern Washington – but every school break we came together on
Bainbridge and became closer and closer during those times. Eventually, we couldn’t take it anymore
and started dating long distance (that was in January 2014). After six months of that, I transferred to
Western Washington University in Bellingham (where she went and lived) and we were able to date and
be together properly. In total, we’ve been together for about six and a half years.
During the week of Thanksgiving, 2010, the lowlands of the Puget Sound were enveloped by a
rare weather event that only comes about during the climactic peaks known as La Niña. The
snow accumulation was greater than most could remember, which – for a region that stalls with
the first inch – left communities shuttered and residents nail-biting with unease about their
holiday travel plans. Tens of thousands lost power that Monday. While uncertainties about the
week remained, the muffled white and blue landscape brought repose. Neighbors walking dogs
met in the middle of the road to chat; soggy boots lined the outside of front doors; turkeys were
moved outside from balmy refrigerators to snowy coolers, and battery-powered radios flipped
between NPR and KISW.
According to news reports from that week, nearly 40,000 households were still without power
on Wednesday, and the reality of a holiday much like the first Thanksgiving set in. Word came
that part of town had restored power, so flat-haired teens flocked to friends’ homes for a long-
overdue bath. We met at such a home. She, having already cleaned up, was a radiant
expression of burgeoning young beauty. He: a braces-clad helmet of greasy blond hair, but not
entirely lacking in charm. We spent the better part of the day in that warm, lit house, playing
board games and messing around on the electric piano – taking breaks to enjoy time in the
snow. It was when our hands touched while reaching over the monopoly board that we first
knew we would hold significant places in each other’s lives.”


Spring Wedding Florals Illinois Elopement Photography

Sunlit wedding portrait Wedding ceremony in Illinois

A special thanks to all the vendors who made Isabel & Peter’s Elopement day beautiful!

Bridal Dress: BHLDN

Florist: Henry Hampton Floral

Groom Tux Shop: Indochino

Wedding Cake: TeaPotBrew Bakery

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Illinois Elopement Wedding Photographers

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  1. Cathy Campbell says:

    Stunning photos of the most beautiful Isabel and her dashing Peter! Congratulations to the happy couple; Peter we are so happy to have you are part of the family officially now! This was not what you planned, we all missed being with you, but your marriage of love at the time of corona could never be COVID cancelled! May your love only continue to grow each and every day! Much love, Aunt Cathy, Thomas and Joseph

  2. Zinette Hopper says:

    I love this!!! Absolutely stunning, I really like the colors and raw emotion captured in such an elegant manner! Your work is really stunning!! 😍🥰

  3. Oriana says:

    You have captured such a beautiful energy here!! Gorgeous photos. I love how the groom’s jacket has their names and wedding date embroidered, I haven’t seen that before!

  4. All of their details are so beautiful. And I’m sure they will look back on the mask picture and laugh some day! These are absolutely beautiful!

  5. Samantha says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love how you capture all the little details. Really tells the story of their day.

  6. Molly Green says:

    Dear Isabel and Peter,
    We were so looking forward to your wedding, but these photos of you in your beautiful wedding clothes, your obvious devotion to each other, and your endless happy smiles, are the perfect substitute.
    Thank you!
    Aunt Molly on Vashon

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